The Naco, serves 5-6

Remember in Kim Possible how Ron, Kim, Monique, and Rufus would hang out at Bueno Nacho and Ron would make himself the Naco? It’s the combination of a taco and nachos. To make this easy dish all you will need is:

-20oz ground meat (I used Jennie-O seasoned ground turkey)
-Tortilla chips (preferably triangle shaped)
-Nacho cheese (home made or store bought)
-The largest tortillas you can find at your store
-Chopped lettuce and tomatoes

Take one large tortilla and lightly heat it, do not make it  crispy as it needs to fold up. Add a small layer of nacho cheese as your base. Then pile up the tortilla using the tortilla chips, cheese, ground meat, and lettuce/tomatoes. Then take two corners and fold them up. You can use nacho cheese to paste the two ends together, or sour cream or even guacamole. The other two sides should be gently folded up. Enjoy!
For any questions on this DIY feel free to ask! More DIYs coming your way!

Oh my god.


oh sweet fucking jesus yes get in my belly

Im defiantly making this sooner or later

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